How Psychotherapy Improves a Person’s Well-Being

People experience depression due to various reasons, resulting in mental, emotional, physical and behavioural changes. Usually, this calls for psychotherapy which focuses on the psychological and mental condition of a person.

Psychotherapy is recommended for people who have experienced difficult situations in their life, particularly traumatic or tragic ones. The treatment aims to identify stress factors that cause the depression and to provide coping mechanisms. By doing so, the treatment helps reduce the stress the patient endures as he starts to regain ability to deal with certain situations. Continue reading


Obtaining Informed Consent for Psychotherapy

Every person is different, and each of them might respond differently to a certain treatment or procedure, particularly in psychotherapy. Thus, most psychotherapists would obtain informed consent from their patients, which ensures that a client or a patient is fully aware of all the benefits, potential risks, and costs of the procedure.

Normally, securing informed consent from the patient involves three phases, and all of them involve the exchange of information between the client and the therapist. Continue reading